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10 Essential Website Homepage Musts!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The homepage of any website is the first page a user will land on. When designing a website for your business, you will want to set a good first impression, and having a well-designed, simple to navigate site is a great starting point. However, there are other important elements to consider when planning the design of your homepage, and in this article, we are going to explain what they are.

Business woman working on her website
Take time to really think about the image of your business! Is your website up to scratch?

1 Business Branding

Every online business should have a unique logo, as they play a massive role in promoting a company's brand. A logo will not only look professional but will make your business stand out. The usual format is to have the logo at the top of your website. You may also wish to consider a #tagline alongside your logo?

2 Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of driving businesses forward and it is hard to believe that some businesses don't take advantage of the benefits that will be gained.

Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok. They are an essential way of receiving new leads, followers and allow general engagement with potential customers.

Once you have set up your social media accounts, include them on your homepage, encouraging users to visit your sites.

3 Simple and Clear Navigation

When designing your homepage, the idea is to hold the attention of the user for as long as possible. Without clear navigation, it is more likely that users will lose interest very quickly and leave your page.

Standard style navigation is considered the simplest and most user-friendly. This will consist of either a horizontal bar across the top of the page or a vertical one down the left side.

You should regularly check that your links are working properly, and none are broken.

4 Contact Information

Display your contact details on the homepage. Some visitors will want to contact you directly, and if they can’t locate your details at first glance, they are less likely to stay on your site.

You should include a phone number, email address and your business location.

Make it easier for the user by adding a link to the email address and phone number so they are easily copied and clickable.

5 Call to Action

The main goal of a homepage is to attract visitors to your site and hopefully turn them into customer sales.

Every good homepage should include clear Call-to-Actions that will direct your visitor to wherever they and you want them to go. However, try to stick with one or two, as too many may lead to confusion.

You can decide on what your CTA will be based on what you want the customer to do. For example, you may require them to complete a form. In that instance, your CTA will be a link to the form template.

6 Reviews

Genuine testimonials from previous customers are the best way to prove your reliability, and will instill a level of trust and credibility. Include snippets of these reviews towards the bottom of your homepage.

7 Benefits and Features

It is important to identify what your key features are that make you stand out from your competitors. Explain clearly what it is your company provides, be it a product or a service. Potential customers will want to know the benefits if they choose your product or service.

You will have plenty of content throughout your site, so try to avoid going into too much detail, keeping it short and to the point.

8 Images/Videos

Although engaging content is essential for your homepage, don’t forget to add supporting images and videos. Images are one of the best ways to attract people to your site. Videos are the best way to retain visitor engagement.

Ensure they represent what you are selling and only use high-quality content. Poor-resolution images or video will stand out for all the wrong reasons!

9 Awards and Certifications

Showcasing any awards or certificates you have will attract new clients.

Besides, why wouldn’t you want to show off your hard work and dedication? You will be proving that you are a reputable business that can be trusted.

10 Blog Snippets

Unique and engaging content is important to not only please your customers but also improves your ranking on search engines such as Google.

Blog writing is a great way to include in-depth content to your site, answering FAQs, and providing facts that potential clients will be interested in reading. Like this article? Watch out for our next blog 10 Website Homepage Tweaks You Need To Make RIGHT NOW!


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