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14 FREE Marketing Ideas for Your Business

As a new or small business, you may find that you don’t have a large budget to work with when it comes to your marketing. With so many free tools online, finding the extra money doesn’t have to be a concern.

To save you time on research, we have put together this article providing you with 14 marketing ideas for you to consider.

1. Create a Free Google My Business Account

A Google Business Profile has become increasingly popular with small businesses and is an effective marketing strategy. Once created, your business will show up on Google Maps, Google Search and the knowledge panel that appears on the right side of the page for branded searches.

Bare in mind, that for your business profile to appear higher on Google Maps, you will need to optimise your business profile. To do this, you will need to have verified ownership.

2. Post on Social Media

Social media engagement is another free way to build up a following for your business and will create trust with potential customers. You can create business accounts and join other groups. Some of the best social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and there are many more!

3. Work on your SEO

Google algorithm is designed to provide high-quality, accurate and relevant content when a user makes an enquiry in the search engine. Although free, local SEO can be time-consuming, and you will need to be consistent. Some tips to consider:

  • Remember to add location-based keywords to titles, headings and the main content on your website pages.

  • Sign up for online directories and ensure your information is up to date and the same across every platform.

  • Update blog posts often and make sure they are specific to the locations you provide your product or service to.

4. Use Plenty of Hashtags

When posting on social media, there are tactics you can use to broaden your reach. An example of this is when you use hashtags (#). By adding relevant hashtags based on your product or service, you are more likely to reinforce your brand and get noticed. Don’t forget to include long-tail keywords! Especially location-based keywords if you are a local business.

5. Create an Email Marketing Plan

Having an email marketing plan in place is a great way to gain new leads and maintain a good relationship with your existing customers. If done correctly, email marketing can be one of the most successful ways to get a return on your marketing investment. There are free online tools you can use to help with your email campaigns. An example of this is Mailchimp.

6. Publish High-Quality Content

Content marketing is an effective tactic requiring only a small budget. Google will prioritise sites with high-quality content that will best answer the query being asked. This will make your business more visible on Google, in turn, bringing in more traffic to your site. Writing isn’t everybody’s strong point! If that is the case, you could consider outsourcing.

7. Update your Blog Posts

A great way to keep your content fresh and interesting is by starting a blog. You can use regular blogs to drive traffic to your website, increase engagement and improve your online presence. You will also benefit from strengthening your SEO.

Don’t assume blogs have to be long and complex. Place relevant keywords within the content, but don’t force them, and try to speak in simple terms.

8. Recycle Previous Content

If you have plenty of existing content on your website, why not repost it on other channels? An example of this is to turn a successful webinar into an online video tutorial. If you have well-written blogs, share them on your social media platforms, or include them in your email marketing campaigns.

9. Post Useful Videos

Whilst content is interesting to read videos can be more engaging. It can be costly to hire a professional to produce videos, but you have the option of DIY video marketing. An example is Headliner. They offer a free subscription as well as paid for.

Videos are great for showing your potential customers how your products works. You can demonstrate how they can complete certain tasks, such as ‘how to’s’, product demos and slideshows for examples.

10. Run Webinars

Have you considered hosting a webinar? They are a free way of promoting your business whilst providing useful information to customers or potential leads.

There are online webinar platforms that will allow you to broadcast your webinar and are simple to use. An example is Webex, who offers a free subscription.

11. Host a Social Media Competition or Giveaway

Running a social media competition or giveaway is a great way of marketing whilst using minimal resources. Even if the prize comes at a small cost, it will be worth it. The perfect giveaway would be one of your products that you are selling. Not only will you be increasing your traffic and building a bigger social media following, but you will be giving customers the chance to try before they buy.

12. Attend Local Events

Most towns and cities will host regular celebrations, markets or other events. Although you may have to pay a small amount of money to ensure your place, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know your local audience. You could use this time to hand out freebies, such as pens or perhaps sell raffle tickets and the winner receives one of your products.

13. Data-rich Infographics

Infographics are a successful marketing tool that will capture your audience’s attention. Graphics are not only pleasing on the eye but are easy to digest. Good graphics are more likely to be shared and are a great way to drive traffic through referrals.

Qualified designers can be costly, but with online tools such as Canva or Adobe’s free vector kits, it is so much easier to create your own.

14. Business Collaborations

If your marketing budget is none existent or not particularly big, then a great option to consider is teaming up with others in your industry to promote your products and services. You can share your information across both your networks and audiences whilst offering valuable content to them. Working together with other businesses or micro-influencers will also help to give you a little more credibility as a business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many people run very successful businesses with very little investment in marketing. With a decent marketing plan in place, your business stands even more chance of being a success.

We look forward to sharing our next blog with you!

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