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20 Ways To Engage Your Instagram Audience

Social Media has become an important marketing strategy for businesses. When using social media platforms such as Instagram, your main aim should be to deliver interesting, engaging and valuable content to your audience which in turn will grow your community and followers further.

By posting interesting, relevant media on a constant basis, be it images or videos, you should start to see some good levels of engagement. In this article, we are going to give you 20 examples of how you can benefit from more engagement and grow your Instagram following.

1. Try not to write large amounts of content on each post. Users generally prefer to scroll through Instagram quickly, and won’t want to read pages of text.

2. Use #Hashtags, #Hashtags & more #Hashtags. Ensure the hashtags you use are relevant to the subject you are speaking about.

3. When using hashtags, try to include some within the main content of your post, not just at the end. By doing this, you will also be making your post look more attractive.

4. Try not to stick with the same hashtags all the time. Change them up from time to time, and you will start to attract a wider audience.

5. You will start to notice regular users who don’t miss an opportunity to connect. Take advantage, and tag your ‘regulars’.

6. If you are sharing a picture that belongs to somebody else, tag that person in the post. This is also a great way to broaden your audience.

7. You should always tag the location of where you are. This will be helpful for people to find you easily and in turn, follow you.

8. As with any social media platform, you should include call to actions. An example may be ‘tag somebody you know, or 'share this post’.

9. A great way to encourage engagement is to ask the user questions. Some people can’t resist having input. In response, give them a follow and chances are they will follow you back.

10. Emojis are popular on Instagram. Learn what each one means and add them where you can.

11. If somebody has taken the time to comment on your post, ensure you respond. They will be left feeling like you are listening and will be inclined to further engage.

12. Everybody enjoys a good quote! Add your favourite over the tops of a high-resolution image. Motivational quotes are the best!

13. Don’t hide behind your mobile phone. People love a live event, so try to include Instagram live where you can.

14. You shouldn’t just settle for written content. You have the option of adding striking images, engaging videos and carousels. If your format is fresh and new, you are more likely to get prioritised for distribution.

15. Other people’s posts matter! Don’t just rely on receiving likes and comments on your posts, reach out and comment on others, This will show that you are interested, paying attention and are more than willing to engage on another level.

16. The time of day you schedule your posts should be considered. Depending on your target audience, certain times of the day will work better than others. Do a little research on this if needs be!

17. Provide exciting content such as quizzes, tips, upcoming sales and exclusive offers.

18. A large percentage of traffic on Instagram will come from pictures of cute animals, real-life photos, landscapes, the latest fashion and trends.

19. People always love to receive ‘freebies’. Offer a giveaway in return for likes and shares.

20. Link your Instagram to other social media platforms. By doing this, you will be making it far simpler for people to find you on Instagram without having to scroll.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and look forward to sharing our next post with you.

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